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Alma Mater is an educational studio in Lexington, MA offering creative after-school activities for children and youth.

At our studio, each child gets the individual attention he or she needs to thrive.  We will offer in-person group classes at the studio and online lessons.

Education. More essential than ever.



Добро пожаловать в Альма Матер!

Alma Mater Studio is certified by the American Councils for International Education. We offer Russian classes of all levels to the linguistically diverse students of Greater Boston:

Russian for native speakers -  immersion courses for fluent speakers with significant exposure to Russian  and extensive active vocabulary.

Russian as a second language - immersion courses for students with fundamental vocabulary and considerable exposure to Russian language.

Russian as a foreign language -  introductory language courses for students with little or no previous exposure to Russian.

NEWL (AP) Russian Language and Culture -  training class for high-school students interested in taking the NEWL Russian Language examination. Learn more.

A free 20-min evaluation helps us suggest the right course for your child. Students are placed in small groups that match their language proficiency. Upon showing improvement in their Russian language abilities, students are transferred to the next level.

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