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Alma Mater is an educational studio in Lexington, MA offering creative after-school activities for children and youth. Our mission is to provide a visual arts education along with Russian and French language classes to the diverse community of Greater Boston.

Our Russian studies program offers classes of all levels: from beginners to native speakers. We also have an intermediate level that teaches Russian as a second language. Our goals are fluent speech, reading and writing. Our most popular class, Russian Day, is a specially designed full immersion program that includes a Russian language session and an art studio taught in Russian. Students are placed in small groups that match their age and language proficiency. 

Alma Mater art studio empowers children to take pride in their work. Students are instructed in painting, drawing, ceramics, illustration, graphic design and bookmaking. Our art program instills confidence in young students, encourages them to find their voice and helps them focus on a challenging task. By tapping into their creative potential, students develop a lifelong appreciation for the  arts.


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