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Many of our classes are currently full. More classes are in the works. Please stay tuned!

Russian Language Classes


Добро пожаловать в Альма Матер!

Alma Mater Studio is certified by the American Councils for International Education. We offer Russian classes of all levels to the linguistically diverse students of Greater Boston:

· Russian for native speakers -  immersion courses for fluent speakers with significant exposure to Russian  and extensive active vocabulary.

· Russian as a second language - immersion courses for students with fundamental vocabulary and considerable exposure to Russian language.

· Russian as a foreign language -  introductory language courses for students with little or no previous exposure to Russian.

· NEWL Russian Language and Culture -  training class for high-school students interested in taking the NEWL (AP) Russian Language examination. Learn more.

A free 20-min evaluation helps us suggest the right course for your child. Students are placed in small groups that match their language proficiency. Upon showing improvement in their Russian language abilities, students are transferred to the next level.

We use a variety of teaching materials (from classic textbook to Russian typewriters and games) to encourage dynamic learning. We base our materials on current books and methodologies recommended by leading specialists. We also carefully adapt our courses to the needs and interests of our students. All of our teaching materials  are available for viewing at our studio. Besides weekly classes students receive regular homework assignments. We believe that studying a language should be a joyful process. Our signature program, "Russian Day," facilitates that goal. ("Russian Day" is a 120-min immersion program that includes a Russian language class and  an art studio also taught in Russian.)

Alma Mater students are welcome to take advantage of our extensive collection of children's books. The library offers a wide variety of books for young readers of all ages: from Russian classics to international favorites translated into Russian.


Alma Mater Studio also hosts a variety of Russian workshops and is a registered participant of several international competitions («Тотальный диктант», «Русский Медвежонок»). All of our extra-curriculum activities raise literacy awareness. 

Over the summer our studio offer fun Russian immersion classes. Students can sign up for individual days or weeks. Summer classes are structured around an exciting theme with a celebration at the end of the week. 


Art Classes

Alma Mater Studio art program provides a comprehensive overview of visual arts, offering a carefully designed curriculum that covers painting, drawing, printmaking, and graphic design. Throughout the year, special workshops are conducted in areas such as ceramics, sculpture, installation art, book design, typography, and many others. These workshops complement our program of individual and group lessons that are available for the students.

Our program offers three levels of learning: EXPLORATION, FOUNDATION, MASTERY.

EXPLORATION (Little Picassos) 

Classes introduce young students to a variety of mediums including watercolors, acrylics, oil and soft pastels, pen and ink, charcoal, and clay. This introduction helps them appreciate the beauty of art, become more observant, and enhance their eye-hand coordination. Students also learn the importance of focus, completion of creative projects, and the development of new artistic interests.

FOUNDATION (Advancing  Matisses) 

Classes focus on observational drawing from life, emphasizing the study of the human form. These classes promote intellectual, aesthetic, and emotional growth. Students are exposed to a wide range of cultural and historical references, along with live technique demonstrations. This foundation enables students to create original works of art across various mediums, genres, and styles. They learn to draw inspiration from their surroundings, take creative risks, and boost their self-confidence.

MASTERY (Masters DaVinci) 

Classes for more advanced students, provide an opportunity to build upon foundational skills. These classes not only enhance technical mastery but also emphasize conceptual aspects of their work, artistic versatility, continuous improvement, and the development of a consistent visual theme. Students are also encouraged to build their art portfolios, which can facilitate college admission even for those not pursuing an art major. A strong portfolio showcases the depth and range of their talents and might lead to accelerated placement.

Ultimately, Alma Mater Studio aims to instill a life-long appreciation for the visual arts. The studio wants students to remember that art is a deeply rewarding pursuit and hopes that their experience with art will serve as lasting inspiration throughout their lives.

All the artworks displayed on the site were made by our students!


English Classes


We are offering a few sessions of English both for our younger students who would like to improve their reading and writing as well as for our teenage students who need to develop proper English essay writing and critical thinking skills for college. Our groups are small in size, thus offering an opportunity to focus more individually on skill development.


Theater Classes

In 2022, our theater received non-profit status! Also, we now have our own theater website!

Alma Mater Studio is delighted to offers theater classes for children and youth. The program stimulates intellectual and emotional growth and helps children discover their full potential. Our drama classes are conducted in Russian to facilitate language immersion students should be able to speak Russian and have basic reading skills.

Participation in the theater program helps children overcome their shyness, brings out their creativity and develops their confidence. It is a great way for a student to find his or her voice while being a part of a creative team. Acting could be an exciting tool for memory training, public speaking skills, and storytelling. The drama curriculum includes technical and creative challenges such as: sensory awareness, form and rhythm, pantomime movement, recall and memorization,  improvisation, and other exercises. Workshops on character development, vocal projection and  articulation, the art of stage "fighting" and theatrical swordplay are offered throughout the year.

Older students are encouraged to be a part of the production process: from costume and stage design to sound engineering. Alma Mater studio takes pride in designing and creating original costumes. Older students have an option of touring with the group and performing at theater festivals.

At Alma Mater studio our students learn the importance of rehearsing and being a member of a dynamic team. While most students will not pursue an acting career,  all would have improved their presentation skills, performed on stage, and most importantly, reached for the stars. It's inspiring to see their discipline, intelligence and imagination on display.


A free 20-min audition helps us suggest the right course for your child.


Toddlers' Programs


Classic Morning is an original immersion course for fluent speakers ages 3 to 4 who have significant exposure to Russian language.

This exciting class introduces young children to the early literacy skills, art, and math. Conducted in Russian to facilitate language immersion. The focus is on phonetic hearing, vocabulary enrichment, grammar skills, and speech development. Play-based activities reinforce letter recognition and writing readiness. A lot of emphasis is placed on eye-hand coordination and development of fine motor skills. Engaging educational activities provide a sense of achievement while fostering essential handwriting skills. The program also includes play-based memory exercises.


At the end of each class parents are provided with a list of fun and educational exercises to take home.

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