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CLASSIC MORNING for kids ages 3-4.

Classic Morning is an original immersion course for fluent speakers ages 3 to 4 who have significant exposure to Russian language.

This exciting class  introduces young children to the early literacy skills, art, and math. Conducted in Russian to facilitate language immersion. The focus is on phonetic hearing, vocabulary enrichment, grammar skills, and speech development. Play-based activities reinforce letter recognition and writing readiness. A lot of emphasis is placed on eye-hand coordination and development of fine motor skills. Engaging educational activities provide a sense of achievement while fostering essential handwriting skills. The program also includes play-based memory exercises. At the end of each class parents are provided with a list of fun and educational exercises to take home. This is a very popular class and it fills up quickly, so book your spot soon!


Fridays at 10:00-11:00am
Saturdays at 11:00-12:00


Please inquire by emailing or by calling 781.325.8285. No evaluation is required for the this class. Find out our tuitionholidays/closings and policies.

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