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Sick monkeys in Limpopo and Doctor Aybolit has to be called!!!

An amazing performance of "The Adventures to Limpopo" premiered in Maryland just two weeks ago and now there is an opportunity for you to see it here in Greater Boston! For three days only a magnificent new production directed by the one and only E. Kerov and her outstanding crew of co directors, costume designers, stage designers, and actors. A Russian classic by Korney Chukovsky, about a veterinarian named Aybolit, who is on a mission to help all the wildlife he possibly can, from sick crocodiles to birds, embarking on an adventure of his lifetime to Limpopo, Africa...  new friendships, many obstacles in the way, and a possible kidnapping. He won't stop until all animals are safe and protected, so will Dr. Aybolit save the monkeys? Who will help him? and how will he do it, is up for you to find out!

For Three Days Only

<<Buy your tickets with the link down below >>

Theater for us means new friendships, new adventures, and new characters to play. We appreciate your support in every way possible whether it is coming to our plays, or donating. With that said make sure to follow us on our social medias which are linked below.

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