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March is for Winners

March has been exceptionally eventful at our studio! We began the month with tenth graders Valentina F. and Sasha S. with the help of their teacher E. Kerova winning the Russian Scholar Laureate Award!

The following week at an awards festival "Constellation" our youth theatre actors won three awards for their outstanding work on the play "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors" directed by E. Kerova. Taking home two best primary roles for Prince and Olya and Best costumes.

For the talent portion, Zoya S. amazed all with her outstanding singing as Mary Poppins, not only that but a couple of our very own performers submitted their works and also won. Have a listen:

Although our talents did not stop there, our art department lead by E. Gorodenskaya also submitted two art works by Dania C.-B. and Valentina F. which also placed at this festival.

Congratulations to all, we could not be prouder!

Alma Mater has many more events planned for the upcoming months so make sure to stay tuned and up to date by following our IG: @almamterstudio and Facebook:@almamaterstudio.

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