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In 2022, our theater received non-profit status! Also, we now have our own theater website!

Alma Mater Studio is delighted to offers theater classes for children and youth. The program stimulates intellectual and emotional growth and helps children discover their full potential. Our drama classes are conducted in Russian to facilitate language immersion students should be able to speak Russian and have basic reading skills.

Participation in the theater program helps children overcome their shyness, brings out their creativity and develops their confidence. It is a great way for a student to find his or her voice while being a part of a creative team. Acting could be an exciting tool for memory training, public speaking skills, and storytelling. The drama curriculum includes technical and creative challenges such as: sensory awareness, form and rhythm, pantomime movement, recall and memorization,  improvisation, and other exercises. Workshops on character development, vocal projection and  articulation, the art of stage "fighting" and theatrical swordplay are offered throughout the year.

Older students are encouraged to be a part of the production process: from costume and stage design to sound engineering. Alma Mater studio takes pride in designing and creating original costumes. Older students have an option of touring with the group and performing at theater festivals.

At Alma Mater studio our students learn the importance of rehearsing and being a member of a dynamic team. While most students will not pursue an acting career,  all would have improved their presentation skills, performed on stage, and most importantly, reached for the stars. It's inspiring to see their discipline, intelligence and imagination on display.


free 20-min audition helps us suggest the right course for your child.

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