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Alma Mater studio offers a fundamental  overview of visual arts. Our carefully designed curriculum includes painting, drawing, printmaking, and graphic design. Special workshops in ceramics, installation art, book design and typography are given throughout the year. Art lessons are integrated into the "Russian Day" program. However, school-age students are welcome to sign up for individual art lessons.

EXPLORATION classes introduce young students to a variety of mediums (watercolors, acrylics, oil and soft pastels, pen and ink, charcoal, clay, etc.) and the nature of the creative process. Students learn to appreciate beauty, become more observant, and work on their eye-hand coordination. Students practice staying focused on a creative project and bringing their work to completion. Throughout the year students grow in their understanding of genres and materials and develop new artistic interests.

FOUNDATION classes introduce students to observational drawing (working from life as opposed to memory or a photograph) along with the study of the human form. Classes promote intellectual, aesthetic and emotional growth. Students are presented with a broad range of cultural and historical references along with live technique demonstrations. Foundation students find their voice, producing original works of art in a variety of mediums, genres and styles. Students learn to find inspiration in what they see, take creative risks and build their self-confidence. 

MASTERY classes are for mature students who would like to build upon their foundational skills. Besides technical mastery, students focus on conceptual aspects of a their work, artistic versatility, a sense of effort and improvement, and an ability to develop a visual theme. Students are also encouraged to develop their art portfolios. Having an art portfolio is a pathway for college admission even if a student is not pursuing an art major. A strong portfolio can earn students an accelerated placement by showcasing the depth and range of their talents.  

Above all, our goal is to instill a life-long appreciation of the visual arts. We would like for our students to remember that art is a deeply rewarding pursuit. We hope that art will be an inspiration that lasts a lifetime.

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