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Distance Learning. June 15th - August 15th


Alma Mater Studio invites children and youth  to join our 2020 Russian Summer DISTANCE LEARNING program from June 15th to August 15th! Please select your child's age group below and click on the links to learn specific information about each program. For kids ages 7 through 13 there are multiple options to choose from: including once a week Art and Russian classes or our Complete Summer program that takes place every day Monday through Thursday! 

Please keep in mind that summer tuition is non-refundable. 

Ages 5-6: Learn more about the program, tuition  and registration form.

AGES 7-9: Learn more about the program, tuition  and registration form.

AGES 10-13: Learn more about the program, tuition  and registration form.

AGES 14+  Art and Russian programs, tuition and registration form.

Please keep in mind that every summer lesson will be unique! For example, if you sign up for 2 Russian or 2 Art classes per week your child will get new material every time he or she joins the class. The program will be conducted in Russian by the founders of the studio, Kate Kerov and Anya Vinokour and other Alma Mater teachers.  


Russian classes for the older kids will include:

· Детективные истории (Detective Club) 

· Книжный клуб (Book club)

· Клуб писателей (Writing club)

· Занимательный русский 


ART classes will include: 

· Художественная Школа (Art school)

· Жизнь Знаменитых Художников (The Lives of the Great Artists)

· Современная иллюстрация (Illustration techniques) 


Featuring distance summer program for kids 5-6 years old! We are offering Zoom classes with two teachers (30 minutes of Russian followed by 30 minutes of Art) twice a week (Monday and Wednesday from 10:00-11:00). The cost is $45 per week and you can select your summer weeks.

AGES 5-6  Summer registration form. 

In order to register for the program, please select the  link with your child's age group above.

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