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Unlock Your Child's Creativity with Graphic & Visual Design Workshop!

Our Creative Saturdays have returned! Come and join us!

Is your child a budding artist or designer? Are they eager to explore the world of visual creativity? Our Graphic & Visual Design Workshop is the perfect opportunity for them to dive into the exciting realm of design.

🌟 What They'll Learn:

  • Shapes & Compositions: Your child will master the art of working with shapes to create captivating compositions that deliver a powerful message.

  • Creative Thinking: Encourage innovative thinking as they use shapes to ignite their creative spark and discover new possibilities.

  • Space & Composition: Help them understand the magic of negative and positive space, and how composition impacts the effectiveness of their designs.

  • Typography: Your child will experiment with fonts and lettering, adding a unique voice to their creations.

  • Print Fundamentals: Get hands-on experience with print, as they build a solid foundation in design principles.

  • Colors & Meaning: Explore the world of colors and their deeper meanings to evoke emotions and reactions in their designs.

🌈 We believe in learning by doing, and our workshop offers a hands-on approach to ensure your child truly grasps the concepts. Our passionate and experienced instructors will guide your child every step of the way, inspiring their creativity.

📅 When? October 28, 2023, Saturday, 4.00 PM (EST)

🏢 Where? Alma Mater Studio, 442 Marrett Road, Lexington, MA

🎟️Tickets: link

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock your child's creative potential. The master class will also be useful for parents.🎨🚀


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